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Refrigerated warehouses

At EKA, we are independent consultants specializing in refrigeration and heat pump technologies, and we work exclusively with natural refrigerants. We offer a range of services, including feasibility studies, energy audits, design, technical consulting, and commissioning, specifically tailored to meet the needs of our clients in the cold storage industry.

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​Our customers choose to work with us because we are experts in the latest refrigeration technology and offer different options and help them choose the most pragmatic solution. We provide accurate investment estimates and are independent contractors, which means our clients can trust us to act in their best interests.


Our systems are designed to minimize electricity consumption, utilize heat recovery, offer reliable temperature control and ensure a reasonable return on their investment.

By cooperating with EKA, our customers can be assured of the durability of their cold storage facilities. We use only natural refrigerants that are environmentally friendly, and we design systems that are optimized for energy efficiency and reduce our customers' carbon footprint.

At EKA, we understand the importance of having a predictable and reliable cooling system that maintains the desired temperature in cold storage facilities. Our expertise in cold storage enables us to design efficient and cost-effective systems that meet our customers' unique requirements.

If you need a cooling solution for your cold storage facility, contact us today. We will work with you to develop a customized solution that meets your needs, saves you money and helps you achieve your sustainability goals.

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