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Gimo ishall –

New refrigeration system and global renovation

Östhammars kommun



Facility type:
Spectator C ice rink

Work category:
Design, Air handling, Boards, CO2, CO2, Heat recovery, Lighting, Refrigeration, Rink floor, Sec. refrigerant

Gimo ice rink is an average size heated ice rink (arena room temperature 8°C) with one ice sheet, which used to be cooled down by having a calcium chloride circuit connected to an ammonia refrigeration unit. The heating demand was mainly covered by district heating. In 2014, a new 250 kW CO2 system with direct expansion into copper pipes in the rink floor was installed. The one stage heat recovery supplies a constant 60°C forward temperature. In addition, a geothermal storage is used for subcooling or as an alternative heat source, meaning that the refrigeration unit can guarantee heating even during off season.

55% have been saved up on the energy consumption the first year.

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